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    Static parameter of date

    Brunella B.


      I'm working on Tableau public, Excel data; it's impossible leave a static date because I can't compare with other rows

      I have a calculated fied with a date


      I need compare a Row and a column with others rows about the same column and I can't because only compare that date with the same. Tableau saves the value of dimension accompanied with the row


      [Date C.Actual] = calculated field, for example the MAX value. Only 1 result

      [Date# Closed Actual] = Excel column


      DATEDIFF('year',[Date C.Actual],[Date# Closed Actual] )


      the result will be: only rows that have the field coincided with [Date C.Actual]  the same row


      I can't change the format of date

      it's difficult to explain it



      thanks in advance