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    Quarter(date) gives error message on server

    Anton De la Rambelje



      Ran into a strange of error today:

      I retrieve a date from my SQL server database using the following syntax:

            "Salesdate" =   convert(date,dateadd(month,1,dateadd(day,-1*day(tTime.date),tTime.date)))

      (Which is actually returning the last calendar date of the given date (tTime.date))


      In Tableau desktop I use this field using the QUARTER(Salesdate) and MONTH(SalesDate) format options and it works fine.

      When published to Tableau server however, these two functions show up in red as error and no data is displayed


      Initially the field was specified as datetype "date", not as "date & time"

      When changed to datatype "date &time" things worked perfectly.

      But using this datatype, the users can drilldown to the hour and minute etc, which I would like to prevent, to keep things as simple as possible....


      Has anyone ran into this issue before and can help me on my way?


      (ps I am using Tableau 8)


      Many thanks

      Anton de la Rambelje