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    Community Site Improvements - 10/3: The "Like" Button & Badges

    Dustin Smith

      I'm excited to announce yet another round of community improvements (if you didn't read about yesterday's upgrades, you can catchup here)!


      [Note: If you are having trouble seeing any of the new functionality, please try refreshing your web browser's cache]


      1.  The "Like" Button


      You now have the capability to "Like" a question/idea/document/etc.using the button immediately to the right of the piece of content.


      You can also "Like" a response to any piece of content by clicking the smaller "Like" button located at the bottom right of each message.


      Some people might be wondering what the purpose of a "Like" is, especially when question askers have the ability to mark responses to their inquiries as "helpful" and "correct."


      The reason for the "Like" button is simply so people can indicate that they enjoyed something.  Could be a funny comment, a kind word or even just the sharing of something interesting. There are no points or badges associated with "Likes," it's purely an additional way for Tableau Community users to share positive interactions.



      2. Badges

      This new functionality actually adds a whole new way to make the Tableau Community site more fun for those users that like to share their accomplishments. In addition to badges, this functionality includes our point system and the leader board on the Tableau Community Welcome page.


      The New Leader Board

      Now you can see not just who occupies the top 10 spots, but also who the 5 people are above and below your own rank.



      Accomplishing certain tasks while on the Community Site can now earn you badges which will show up in your profile.  Some of these badges are geared towards new users to help motivate them to find their way around to different places as well as teach them to utilize powerful features like our advanced search.  Other badges though, are purposely designed for our power users who take great care in providing incredibly detailed and thoughtful answers in the forums.  These badges include recognition when answers are marked "Helpful" or "Correct" and carry hefty point values.


      Above all else our Community is about helping people use Tableau to see and understand data which is why you'll see a real emphasis in encouraging and rewarding users for taking time to respond with supportive and quality answers.


      To learn more about the different types of badges available checkout this new page.  Be aware though, we've included some secret badges that aren't listed and only get awarded for special things that you might not expect.  We also plan to continually add new badges, so keep your eyes on your profile.  You never know what might show up there.


      As with any update to the Community Site there are bound to be questions and potentially wrinkles that will need to be ironed out.  We're lucky to have had some very dedicated users help beta test this functionality already so we're hopeful it's straightforward and useful for everyone.


      Leaving questions or feedback comments in this thread is high encouraged.  Emailing Tracy or myself is also perfectly fine.


      Thanks to everyone in the Tableau Community that makes this place so awesome and for working with us to improve it.




      Dustin Smith: dsmith@tableausoftware.com

      Tracy Fitzgerald: tfitzgerald@tableausoftware.com


      Edit: I can tell there are going to be lots of incoming badge ideas so let's capture them in the Ideas section of Community Canvas where Tracy and I have a solid way for tracking them.  Shameful self-promotion of said badge ideas shall be allowed in this thread.


      I'll kick it off with one I thought up called "Hot Streak" - http://community.tableau.com/ideas/2621

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