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    World War II In Europe:  Every Day

    Dustin Smith

      Posting this in order to get my Curious Mind badge as well as because it combines two things I really like:  History & Data Visualization.  Hard to believe this was done in MS Paint!


      (The music can be a bit much in my opinion so feel free to mute)






      From the Video Summary on YouTube:

      Published on Aug 1, 2013

      This video shows the changing front lines of the European Theater of World War II every day from the German invasion of Poland to the surrender of Germany.
      Maroon: Axis Power members, their dependencies/colonies, and annexed lands.
      Burgundy: Areas militarily occupied by the Axis Powers.
      Red: Axis puppet states.
      Pink: Axis gains during that day.
      Blue: Allied powers and areas occupied by the allies.
      Light blue: Allied gains for that day.
      Purple colors (left to right): Finland, occupied by Finland, and Finnish gains that day.
      Dark Green: The USSR before it joined the allies and annexed lands.
      Green: Areas militarily occupied by the USSR before it joined the allies.
      Light Green: Soviet gains for that day.


      Music and speech credits are at the end of the video.