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    Filter on Percent Difference table calculation but still show each records raw values.

    Daniel Carr



      We have a table with 2 days' worth of data.




      We want to show the 2 prices next to each other then a calc'd Price diff field.  This works fine.

      The issue occurs when we want to filter by price change.  We only want to see where price change is > x%.and we still want to see both days' prices.  But, since 1/1/2013 has no previous day to calc against it is always returns NULLs and when we filter the data disappears.

      I have tried using SETS but cannot get that to work either.

      Any help appreciated.

      Sample attached.  Filter by CALC_PriceDiff and you'll see 1/1/2013 disappears.  Need some way (even using sets) to filter but still see both datas prices.