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    Need help with a dynamic filter that affects other filters.

    Scott Wei

      Hi Tableau Community.


      I am currently in the mist of an evaluation period with this product. So far for dashboards and reporting I am very impressed with the ease and presentation of the product. I am on my third objective that I am tackling and can't seem to accomplish is the be able to create an internal data query tool with Tableau.  


      I created a basic count report as the dash display but the main point is to download the auditable(underlying data) behind it. Which tableau easily allows. But it need to allow the user to run many filters off it.. I am essentially trying to replicate what a cube structure does. 


      example.  If the Country he chooses is England, then the other filer tabs should only show Fport (Foreign Ports) in England....etc.


      Could someone show me how this is done. Perhaps its not done thru a quick filter since there seems to be limitations there. Perhaps its done thru a parameter or something else that tableau offers. I have attached a subset(5000 rows) of data.


      Many Thanks.