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    Cannot Start Tableau Server

    Aakash Jain

      Hi all,

      I've installed trial version of tableau server on my machine and used active directory as authentication method in the configuration setup. When the config is completed and I tried to run the server on my localhost my browser cannot find the host. And when I check the status of the tableau server it says "Status:Degraded.Tableau Server Load Balancer (6336) is stopped".

      I don't know what am I doing wrong.

      I've used the port number as 8080 instead of default 80 as it is in use by another app

      Also I am using active directory authentication for the first time and not quite sure how to utilize it. I have used the domain name of my Dynamics server in the active directory domain name.Is that wrong? If so then how to use the users of Dynamics CRM as trusted users of tableau server for Single Sign On.

      Any thoughts will be helpful