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    Community Site Improvements - 10/2

    Dustin Smith

      I'm excited to announce three updates to the Community site's functionally that were just put into production:


      [Note: If you are having trouble seeing any of the new functionality, please try refreshing your web browsers cache]


      1. Removal of the option to place questions/ideas, etc. in places other than their default location


      A big thank you to Shawn Wallwork kettan Jonathan Drummey toby.erkson Joshua Milligan and a whole host of others who helped Tracy and I realize that this was actually a feature that was causing questions and ideas to end up in places that weren't visible to the wider community and thus weren't being answered or voted on.  More importantly these committed folks continued to notify us when they spotted stray messages or idea submissions so we could move them into the correct areas.



      2. Email Notification Preferences


      By going into your profile and selecting EDIT PREFERENCES you now have greater control over what you receive in your email inbox from the Tableau Community.






      3. .twb Warning Message


      For new Tableau users it's not always clear that in order to get help with a workbook in the forums that it's important to package it first.  In an effort to help let users know that they've posted a workbook without out any data, now whenever someone attaches an unpackaged workbook a warning message will appear explaining the importance of providing a .twbx and asking them if they want to proceed.




      What's Next?


      The outstanding email notification bug (Issue #1020 from the list) is still our number one priority.  It's turned into something that involves an incredible amount of consideration for user email privacy and preferences - thus the prolonged development time.  However, because we've made progress on identifying the core problem and are no longer in investigation mode - the number of people needed to focus on the issue is actually fewer - hence why we're able to move forward developing other fixes and futures.


      As for what is next on the roadmap...you'll just have to wait and see (but you won't have to wait very long).


      Please don't hesitate to let us know if you spot any issues with the new updates.  I recommend refreshing your web browser's cache if you are initially unable to see any difference in functionality.  Leaving comments in this thread is encouraged or feel free to email myself or Tracy Rodgers directly if that works better for you.





      Dustin Smith: dsmith@tableausoftware.com

      Tracy Fitzgerald: tfitzgerald@tableausoftware.com

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