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    Using parameter to filter dates

    Patrick Lefler

      I am trying to utilize a Parameter (Quarter Selection Parameter) as a Date Filter to control the view of a simple bar chart. I want to allow the user to filter the view by year quarter using a list (i.e. 2012 Q1, 2012 Q2, etc.) . See desired View below:




      I first created a parameter named Quarter Selection Parameter



      I then created a Calculation named Quarter Selection Calc. I tried to use the Calc both with and without wrapping the Quarter Selection Parameter in the DATE function.


      Quarter Selection Calc.JPG.jpg


      When I attempt to place the Quarter Selection Calc in the Filters Shelve, and select to filter by Quarters, this is what I see:




      What I want to see on this filter setup is a list of the Date Quarters that have been set up in the Quarter Selection Parameter. i.e. 2012 Q1, 2012 Q2, 2012 Q3, etc.  so that I can control the date filter by the Quarter Selection Parameter


      This has frustrated me for a couple of days. What am I doing wrong?


      Thanks in advance for you time, thoughts and any suggested solutions.


      Pat Lefler