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    PowerShell for newbs?

    Toby Erkson

      What I'm looking for:

      Any recommendations where to start, books/web sites to read, tools to use, general advice, etc.?  Personal experience would be great (but not necessary), especially from those who are familiar with DOS.



      Okay, I've been in a Tableau Administrator role for almost a year but my background is very strong in report developement, Excel and Access automation, and coding in general.  I consider myself at intermediate level for Windows batch (MS DOS) coding and an expert for VBA -- I like computer languages, teaching myself BASIC, 6502 machine language (Commodore 64 baby!), Visual BASIC, MS DOS, AWK, and in college I learned COBOL, FORTRAN, SQL and C++.  I don't have training in networking admin nor db admin but I can bumble along okay at a beginner level.  I see people mention PowerShell and how good it is so I'm looking into it -- right now I'm almost done with Window's PowerShell User Guide.  So far I like what I see and want to learn more but without getting into software installs, registry manipulation, networking admin, etc.  I want to know how to do stuff in PowerShell that could be done in a batch file.  I think this is the way to go, a necessary skill, as a BI [Tableau Server] administrator (right?).  I think this will also help me at work for our other BI applications as I'm the go-to coder in our team.