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    Displaying Max Diff

    Lindsay Reed

      Has anyone played around with max diff?  I'm looking for examples that I can use as a starting point.  My data has four groups of four items to choose most and least important (8 variables total), and I'm not sure how best to display it.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hi Lindsay welcome to the forums. I doubt you're going to get an answer to your question, mostly because it's too vague and doesn't include a packaged workbook with sample data. If your data is sensitive then use the Superstore dataset that came with Tableau to create a similar situation. Also better describe what you're trying to accomplish. Thanks,



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            Lindsay Reed

            Hi Shawn - I'm not looking for a specific solution really, more along the lines of examples of what others have done with max diff data.  I'm not even sure Tableau will be the best tool to display it, just exploring



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              Shawn Wallwork

              Tableau make many functions available to us that relate to your question:












              And all sort of others. Using these in combination we can produce almost any type of viz dealing with what you call "max diff". But max diff of what? You haven't specified what type of data your 'groups' and 'items' are. Dates? Strings? Numbers? And are they dimensions or measures? Difference from what? Previous row? Previous Year? Next row? Forecast?


              You get the idea, right? Tableau will almost assuredly be the best tool to display your data, but without more specifics we can't help you see this.