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    Sorting + top-n after blending data

    Egor Larin

      Hi there,


      This is my situation:

      I've got a table with page visits for each page (page_id, visits)

      I've got a table where i calculated source-target relation of user's visit (source_page_id, target_page_id)

      I've blended it in Tableau by fields (page_id - target_page_id)


      On my final dashboard i use top-20 pages by visits to filter source-target table. This allow me know which page user visited after page from top. I'm using a special filter action on dashboard to filtering source_page.


      I need to see only top-20 target pages from source-target table by visits from first table.


      How can i sort and create top-n calculation on the second table? Also i need to sort my target pages by visits


      There is my example.


      Thnx for any help

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          Egor Larin

          Ok, self-served solution


          1. Blend data by Page ID (copy)-Source id to count how many Targets pages I have (count(Target ID)). Why copy - because we can't use the same filed twice in Data Relationships (Main Pages view)
          2. In another data source create a Visits measure which comes from blended data source with visits. For that I need to blend by Target ID to Page ID
          3. Create a Rank Table Calculation for Visits. Use it like Dimension and put it between Source and Target dimensions
          4. Filter by this Rank calc with Custom value list - put here numbers from 1...20 (in my case I changed it to 1-5, because I don't even have more records) Also that will exclude target pages with null visits and sort my data properly
          5. Add a Filter Action to Dashboard - Source view - Main Pages- page ID, Target view Source-Target table - source id


          I hope that will help somebody



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