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    SQL server multiple table connection - definition lost

    Mark Gelman

      I am busy on a Tableau implementation that requires the creation and maintenance of quite a large number of extracts from a SQL server warehouse. Each connection is generally a fact table joined to up to a dozen dimension tables. A large number of fields must be selected and aliased. So what I am saying is that there is considerable work involved in setting up these connections which is fair enough.


      The problem comes when any change is made to the structure of the source tables. My experience is that even if one field name in a dimension table is changed, then when I come back to edit the connection information via the "Edit Connection" wizard, all my connection information has disappeared and been replaced by a single (seemingly arbitrary) table name.


      On several occasions I have had to create the connection again from scratch which has been tedious. This is also risky because I need to be sure to select and alias fields identically to the 'lost" connection, otherwise the reports that use this connection are themselves affected, especially calculated fields.


      So it becomes a really manual maintenance headache.


      Does anyone else experience this loss of connection definition? Is there a way to prevent having to re-define the connection every time a change is made to the underlying database structure? is this a bug or a designed behavior?


      Any feedback and assistance with this is appreciated!


      Mark Gelman