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    Mobile App for Tableau

    suresh pulapalli



      We have downloaded the iPad app to access the Tableau server and it is working as expected.but the same app is not working(says does not support) on iPhone. This issues is with Android phone also.


      Does iPhone and Android phone support the Tableau App?





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          Prashant Sharma

          Hi Suresh,


          Answer is Yes. With Tableau Android App(or iPad app)  you can feel touch-optimized controls on visualizations viewed in the Android browser. In the native apps, on the Android browser (or iPad browser) and in mobile Safari you will see touch-enabled controls when browsing Tableau Server:

          • Filtering
          • Sorting
          • Scrolling within long filters and views
          • Pinch & zoom functionality

          And when you download the native Android app (or iPad app) you also get touch-enabled content management to find your favorite content, search through visualizations and browse your projects.

          For visualizing your dashboard just download the Tableau app on your mobile & open it. Just enter your Server username & password & with the one click you are now able to access your dashboard & change the dashboard according to your requirement. Now you have every report in your hands. 

          I think you have to check the version you are using of android app & the OS version too.


          Warm Regards,

          Prashant Sharma - India | LinkedIn

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            suresh pulapalli

            Thanks for the reply.


            I know the App works fine on iPad and Tablet, but App is not working on iPhone and Android Phone.  Do we have any Tableau App that supports iPhone and Android phone.





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              Ertan ERISIK

              Hi there,


              I just wondered if there are any plans or thoughts to develop a mobile phone native application for Tableau.

              I appreciate any guidance.



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                Eric Chen

                Hello Suresh,


                At this time, the Tableau Mobile App is only available for iPad or Android devices. While the experience may not be optimal compared to a full-sized tablet, it is also possible to use Safari or Chrome on iPhone in order to open Tableau Server views.


                Hope this helps,