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    How do I resolve "cannot blend the secondary data source" issue preventing pushing to Tableau?

    Brian Fanelli

      Hey Guys,


      This may have been addressed already, but I have been unable to find another case that has these issues.


      My issue is on one sheet that I am trying to create. On this sheet, I have 2 different data sources being pulled into one chart. For this chart, I am using the "Total Rows" calculation to show a total line for CTD stats like Spend, calls, and things like that. The issue comes when I try and add a metric that is an aggregate of the two different sources. For example, when I try and pull in Cost per Order (cost coming from one source, and Orders coming from another) I get the "Cannot blend the secondary data source because one or more fields use and unsupported aggregation." error message. This error not only prevents me from using the "Total Rows" calculation, but is preventing me from pushing my files to Tableau Server.


      I have attached a copy of the error I'm seeing on Tableau below:




      Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.