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    Project and use ideas?

    Brian Center

      Hey all, I'd love to hear examples of specific successful projects you all have done to help me as I get started using Tableau in our district.  Its easy to find examples of 30 million ways to slice and dice profitability, but not so easy to find examples using education data.  Even if you can't share a workbook (and many of us probably can't share workbooks containing personally identifiable student information) the concepts will still help.  Here's some of what I've done so far to start:


      1. A dashboard report showing graduation rate compared with University of California A-G completion requirements with our High Schools and state averages.
      2. Chart of 7-12 Grade school D & F rates in MESH (Math, English, Science, History) courses over time showing population average, English Learner average and the gap between the two groups.
      3. A dashboard analyzing our grade 7-12 state test score results (by proficiency band) by teacher and by course.
      4. A set of bar charts comparing state test results and course taken from high-end students by school across our grade 7-8 schools.


      Projects I'm contemplating:


      1. An analysis of results from all our reading intervention programs showing correlation with state ELA test results to identify which programs/combinations are most effective.
      2. A population line plot showing student results on state tests over time so we can identify movement patterns and attempt to address causality of group gains or losses.


      Anyone else?


      Brian Center

      Assessment Technician

      Newport Mesa Unified School District