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    SUM aggregation showing incorrect numbers

    Ellen Pfeiffer

      I have a standard report that's run every Monday morning exactly the same way. This morning it's acting really weird, but I haven't done anything differently.


      My data is on Excel, and on Tableau I'm just summing up the number of accepted website invitations from the week before for different demographic groups.


      My "Invitations Accepted" sums are showing up 128x more than the actual numbers, but all the other measures are just fine. I have one calculated field, "Acceptance Rate" (Invitations Accepted/Invitations Sent) that is also giving me weird numbers because of the hugely inflated Accepted Invitations field.


      The picture below shows an example with the sum of Invitations Accepted as 128, but the underlying data shows that its 1. I've filtered this Tableau view down to the highlighted row in Excel- which also shows that the sum for this record should be 1.

      Tableau Problem.bmp

      Problem File.bmp

      Invitations Sent, People Invited, and all other measures are showing up just fine. It's just Invitations Accepted that is showing up so inflated.


      I can't figure out why it's doing this or how to fix it. Please help!