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    hide columns with no data in table

    Rossella Blatt Vital



      how can I hide the columns that have no data in a table?


      I have a table defined as shown in the image:



      In the rows shelf there is a field that depends on the parameter on the top right of the sheet ([Select Client, exchange or Instrument]). Through this parameter, the user selects one of three dimensions (client, exchange or instrument). The second parameter allows the user to select the TOP N records to display. In the example displayed in the image the dimension is CLIENT and the top 5 clients are displayed.

      The columns shelf contains the following calculated field:


      IF [Select Client, exchange or Instrument] = "CLIENT"


      ELSE // instrument or exchange




      In the example above, the table shows the number of lots for the specific client by exchange.

      When, for the specific selection there is no data (like for the exchange MATIF), the column should NOT be displayed. Instead it is there but with no values. 


      How can hide columns with no data (like MATIF)?