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    Table Calc Difference between First day and Last Day Each Month (partition by month, but also address by month).

    John Sobczak

      I'm trying to calculate the lake elevation level difference between the first and last day for each month. This will give me a great seasonal weather metric of showing relative wet vs dry months for any set of years.  Right now on 2nd tab I am computing the difference of monthly average lake level between months, which mostly correlates to this, but may not be completely accurate as you may have a back to back extreme wet month where the level increases a lot followed by a net dry month where the lake level decrease only slightly.  This scenario will still show the net dry month as a net increase in monthly average. I believe the way to accomplish this is to use a table calc lookup of first vs last and partition by month, but I also want to address by month.  I just can't get the right combination to work in the advanced dialog box. Attached is the workbook.