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    Creating a report with 35 columns




      I want to create a report with 35 column,i know tableau supports only 16 columns.

      Is there any work around to achieve this.


      Thanks and Happy Weekend

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          Matt Lutton

          Place three sheets side by side (if they'll fit), with the same row headers, then hide the headers on the second two sheets.  I don't know if 35 columns will ever fit on one screen, though, and most people would have to ask: Why?  No human being that I know of can look at 35 columns and digest the information very well.


          You could also use a parameter to show 11 or 12 columns at a time.

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            Instead of trying to squeeze all 35 columns onto one dashboard which will probably be useless and messy anyway, why don't you create a drop down list of the column headers and the end user can select from the list of which they'd like to see? You can even layer a few on top of each other. (this can be done by using parameters and calculated fields)

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              Murali Govindu

              Thanks Mr.Lutton.


              Will you mind looking at my discussion on Column versus Selected Columns pl?  I can think of duplicating, concatenating the columns here and I am not sure at this time how to manipulate the data to get and it right.