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    Maintaining information when filtering

    Greg Platt



      I am working on updating our associate dashboard. As part the dashboard we use color to indicate is an associate is in the bottom/top 20% in a given category. Currently we manually calculate this in the data source each month.


      Moving forward we have been asked to allow managers to choose their own time frame to review, so we needed a way to calculate percentiles within Tableau, based on whatever time frame is selected. Luckily Richard Leeke has done some excellent work in this area, and we were able to implement his solution.


      In the attached workbook, the percentile calculation/color works perfectly, until the source is filtered down to a single associate. At that point they are always in the Top 20%. I understand why this is happening, I am just not sure if there is a way to stop it. I would like to maintain the status information about the associate relative to everyone else, but only show that specific associates information.


      We are currently working in 8.0.2.