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    Would like to show a customer their data


      I have ten customers that I would like to run individual reports for and publish so they can see them.  Want each customer to only be able to see their own data.  Would like this report to auto refresh every morning. Thats the goal.  My problem is Tableau Public doesn't auto refresh extracts daily, and if I publish reports to my internal server. then copy/paste the URL on an external facing website the customer will not have the credentials to open it. Any ideas on how i can show customers their info?

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          Shawn Wallwork

          David, Tableau Public is just that Public and anyone can get at any workbook and look at any data inside the workbook. In the second option you described, you'll either need to buy and install Tableau Server, or buy a seat on the Tableau Cloud offering. Each of your clients will also need to buy a seat. Then all will be secure and you can give them access or not.