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    Action Filter linking Dashboards not working with Destination Quick Filters


      Hi guys, I'm trying link two Dashboards - Master and Detail - using an Action filter.


      Once on the Detail Dashboard, I want the user to be able to update the filters using quick filters.


      My issue is that the action filter and the quick filter are creating intersections of the data and so often returning nothing. Instead I want to be able to update the filters applied.


      I've attached an example of the technique I need.


      To replicate the issue, use the menu filter "Filter 1" on Master Dashboard to filter Furniture - Bookcases (so using both Category / Sub-Category)


      Then select Office Supplies as the Category using the quick filter on Detail Dashboard.


      Both the Total view and Detail - Product go blank... even though Detail Product and Detail Product 2 are made in (what I see as) exactly the same way.


      Any help is much appreciated!