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    Why can't I convert my date dimension to a measure?

    Heather Stark

      Hi, I've got Excel input of the form startdate, enddate, level,  where the I have transformed the dates into a format that Tableau likes, and will read as a date, and I have coerced my initially numeric levels into char by adding a single quote before each entry. 

      What I see in Excel.jpg


      When I read this into Tableau, all the data types look fine.   The dates are dates.  The level is a text string.

      What I see in Tableau.jpg

      This is all fabulous (compared to my initial attempts!), but I am now stuck with the problem that the Start Date and End Date are really measures, not dimensions.   When I try to drag either one to the Measures area, it just won't drag, though. 


      Where I am trying to end up is a Gantt chart with the levels as the independent variable, and the start and end dates for each level displayed on the chart.   I think that to do this I need Start date and End date as dependent variables (i.e. measures).  But they don't want to go there!


      Any hints about converting these dimensions to measures?  Or better ways of trying to do the Gantt chart?


      many thanks,