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    Missing Values in Text Tables

    Alfredo Bessin

      I have a text table that is not displaying all values, but, interestingly, shows the correct total.  There are three measures I am displaying as columns, and the rows are "Zipcodes".  The first two ("Invoice $s" and "Return $s") are calculated based on a conditional statement testing for a dimension value (such as "if [Type]="Invoice" then [Value] end"), and the third, "Net Sales", is supposed to be the difference between the other two.  The text table only shows a value for this difference when there are values for both "Invoice" and "Return" in the row.  So all rows with a value for "Invoice" and no value for "Return" show no value for "Net Sales".  But, the Grand total is correct, as if there were values displayed.  What am i missing?