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    Can I use a calculated field to determine if a value is part of a set?

    Zac Hilbert

      I haven't seen anything addressing this on the forums, so maybe someone has some ideas.


      Let's say I have data like the following:









      And I have a set based on either category or value (e.g. Set A = category is in {a,c}; or Set B = id has sum(value) >= 45000).


      Is there a way I can test for membership within a set in a calculated field.  For example, I am looking to do something like this


      AdjustedValue = if [category] is in [Set A] then [value] * [SetAMultiplier] else [value] end




      SetBCategories = if [id] is in [Set B] then  [Category] else null



      I know I could just place the set defining logic within the calculated fields, but this doesn't help if I need to change the set members or criteria, especially if I had many calculated fields with to update whenever the set logic changed.