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    Shawn Wallwork

      While Bill G. is admitting that Ctrl-Alt-Delete was a mistake  I for one am thrilled this is still around. I use it practically everyday, really! Especially when using Tableau. Why? Because if you attempt to open a workbook that is connected to a server that you don't have permissions to use, Ctrl-Alt-Delete is your only escape route. Essentially you have to crash out of the load, or T keeps looping you through the endless "connecting to server" ... stuff.


      Crashing out is fine by me, but it does generate a Error report the next time you open T, which I dutifully send off to... who? Does anyone actually read these errors? Should we continue to send these reports to T?




      PS: I know this linked article is not completely on-point, but it gave me a chance to give a shout-out to Ctrl-Alt-Delete!

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          Dan Huff



          I assure you we read these crash dumps. Do please continue sending them. I know this for a fact since I am part of the team who is tasked with triaging all of these as they come in .


          Per the comment of this crash, it may be that the dump file that is created is being filtered out by our system because it does not meet the criteria. I have hit this a couple of times as well. I swear I saw a bug filed on this in the past. If I can't find one, I am going to file it.


          Hope this helps,



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            Shawn Wallwork

            How cool. I always suspected there was a human at the other end of my click (send error report); nice to know I wasn't fooling myself. Sort of wander why you ask us permission (and why anyone wouldn't answer yes). But hey, Dan thanks for the the response!