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    Getting a Reference Line to show the population average despite filtering by sample?

    James Eichinger

      I'm playing with a dashboard concept which seems pretty simple to me, but I'm stuck. I have an fundraising organization with four different divisions which are then comprised of numerous offices, and then a salesforce. What I want to do is show each divisions' activity with a reference line that shows the organization's overall average sales. The problem I'm having is that filtering on division applies to that overall reference line too! So instead of showing the $0.9M average sales for the organization, it changes based on the overall average sales of each division. I can't hardcode that $0.9M because it should change week to week (hopefully going up!). So I'm a little stuck. Do I need to use sets instead? Or a parameter?


      Attached is a dummy workbook with comments. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'll greatly appreciate it! Thanks!