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    Latha vinnakota

      I have excel files coming in every month from our account payable team. I need to create a dashboard for their data. The file will be located on a network drive. The file will be stored with the new month and year each month. How can keep the current data and add the new data the month after? Do I need to use data extraction functionality or any other

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          Ben Neville

          Do you have a Tableau Server? Extract automation is easy to accomplish with the Server product. You can also always point at this datasource live and Tableau will automatically read in new data as the Excel file is updated. It's hard to say exactly what fits your needs without knowing a bit more, though... are these 2 separate files or a single monthly file that spans several years?

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            Latha vinnakota



            Thanks for a quick reply.


            We have Tableau server. The files will come as 12 separate files per year, 1 file per month.


            Please let me know your suggestion.




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              Ben Neville

              This is something that will be difficult to automate or avoid manual processes. My recommendation would be to have 1 "Master" file that leverages incremental extracts to update the information. You could also have the monthly files on the share, but have the extract only pull from the new one. Otherwise you will have to open up and perform a manual union every time you want to add the new data.


              As another method, you could have Tableau update the data from a "Newest Data" file. If you use incremental extracts, all Tableau does is check to see if there is a date in the file > the current max date. You could essentially have all 12 files, but just upload the newest month as the "Newest Data.xlsx" and replace the existing file. Tableau would always pull in the newest data when the extract was run with the next months data in the Newest Data file. If the data was the same, it would not have to perform the extract.


              Personally, I prefer option 1, but option 2 should be viable as well so long as you are careful to name the files the same and over-write every month.

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                Allison Brown

                You can create an extract from the first month you want and then "Add Data from file" everyone month. As Ben said, this will be a manual process, but it allows for only one extract.


                add data.png


                More here: Adding Rows from a File