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    I'm looking for others who are using Tableau with DB2 on zOS, especially with a DB2 Analytics Accelerator.

    George Wilmes

      I have questions about how/why Tableau generates different SQL for identical tables on DB2 LUW vs. DB2 zOS; specifically, why it wraps a TIMESTAMP_ISO function around dates in zOS queries, and how I can avoid that since the DB2 Analytics Accelerator does not support that function.


      For example, my person dimension table has a birth date column BRTH_DT defined as DATE. When I drag that column into a worksheet, the generated SQL is different for DB2 LUW vs. DB2 zOS. For DB2 LUW, it simply generates YEAR(BRTH_DT), whereas for DB2 zOS it generates YEAR(TIMESTAMP_ISO(BRTH_DT)).


      This would be ok except for the fact that the DB2 Analytics Accelerator (which is Netezza hardware bolted onto the mainframe) does not support the TIMESTAMP_ISO function, and so the query does not get accelerated.


      I would like to know how to get Tableau to not embed the unnecessary TIMESTAMP_ISO function. (Of course, I would also like IBM to support the TIMESTAMP_ISO function on the DB2 Analytics Accelerator, but in this case the function is not really needed.)

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