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    Need to display current data as well as weekly snapshots

    Matt Lutton

      I am working on a project in which Teachers can access a profile of their students, and see their grade and absence trends, based on weekly snapshots we are taking of the data.  Because the grades, in particular, are tied to specific weeks in the data, I am struggling with displaying a view that simply shows current/most recent grade data.  I know the topic of "most recent" and "max" dates comes up often, but I've tried everything I can think of to return only this data in one view, and have been unable to do it so far.


      As a general description, I have a student name, their active courses, and fields for [Percent] (grade), [Term Week] (8 weeks in term), and [WeekEndingDate] (date of the weekly snapshot.  I have been trying to arrive at a calculation that will return the most recent percentage.


      If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.  I cannot upload the workbook, but here is a screenshot of what I'm looking at:

      Screenshot Current Grades Only Needed.png


      I believe I can get at the data using Table Calculations, but I don't want to display the week or Term week, etc. in the view, if I can avoid it.


      Thanks, as always, to this wonderful community!