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    Visual Data Profiling

    John Hobby

      Has anyone used Tableau to do any visual data profiling?


      We have an extensive data warehouse and are looking at new ways to analyze how the data is structured coming in from the source systems.  Currently, we use an access db to profile the data.  I've setup Tableau with some graphs and other stats to show our data profile from different tables, but am looking to expand on ways to visualize the data.


      An example I currently have looks at one table and pulls about 10 different fields.  I can see how many values are NULL, min/max, min length of the data, max length of the data and data type.  I'm comparing about 5 of those fields (being date/time data) in a line graph to show trend over month.  The other tables i'm showing a grid with frequency and percent around their field pattern.  (ie:  how many letters or numbers)


      What I have appears to be working to help us find data anomolies, but I would like to see if there are any other examples people are using floating about.


      Thanks for any feedback,