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    Calculated field gives multiple results (asterisk) when it shouldn't

    Dominik Mucklow

      I am using a treemap to represent ‘Units’ available for rent on several properties. Depending on the date, each unit can be either occupied, vacant, signed or pending. In my visualization ‘date’ is a parameter linked to a calculation that assigns the Unit’s status, which should color the relevant box in the treemap.


      The trouble is that since different tenants occupy each unit at different times I keep getting the asterisk indicating multiple possible results for the calculation, even though only one tenant occupies a particular Unit at a particular time. (the tenant name is also an asterisk, presumably for the same reason).


      I have tried blending the data in a different way (making the spreadsheet containing the Unit status the primary source instead of the list of Units). This gives me the info I want, but also gives me duplicate Units with different statuses. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?