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    Percentage calculation

    Antonio Willybiro

      hi -


      I have a dimension called 'account' with multiple values:


      • leavers
      • average headcount
      • ratio leavers to average headcount


      I have this data by company:

      • abc
      • edf
      • etc...


      I am trying to show the ratio leavers to average headcount on a chart and use the 'country' filter to see the % info by country.


      how should I best do this?

      sum ([ratio leavers]): doesn't work

      avg([ratio leavers]}: doesn't give an accurate picture


      is it possible to do a calculated field that would be based on two values of the same dimension i.e. using leavers and 'average HC' whole numbers


      I need something like ([value] for dimension of account = leavers) / ([value] for dimension of account = average headcount)