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    Trusted Authentication error -1


      I have added my server ip as trusted hosted , i am trying to generate unique ticket but getting error return -1



      i have also done testing for


      Ticket Value of -1 Returned from Tableau Server


      i am not able to find any answer, please guide me .




      Kelly Osterhout

      Trusted authentication

      Julia Ryan

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          Mauro Trentini

          I have the same problem, added IP of my webserver to trusted hosts, also tried with hostname, followed instructions literally and no luck. Tableau returns -1.


          Is there a log I can look in to have an idea of what's wrong?

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            Vien Hua



            Do either of you have a proxy or load balancer in front of Tableau Server? If so, Tableau Server may be reading that IP address instead of the web server. My suggestion is to either all all possible IP addresses to the list of trusted hosts or properly configure the proxy server to forward the request.


            If all else fails, please send a support request to support@tableausoftware.com with the server log files so we can investigate it.





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              Mauro Trentini

              Hello Vien,


              Thanks very much for your reply.

              After looking at the access logs in tableau server admin, I found that the IP address recorded by tableau server was not the ip of our portal, but the IP of our office wan (I'm browsing from my pc which is inside our wan). After I added that IP to the trusted list, the server returned a ticket which I was able to test correctly.


              Obviously, I will need to find a solution for this, perhaps using a reverse proxy in front of my portal, because our portal is accessible from anywhere in the world by our clients. And I only want to set one or two trusted IPs, so I need tableau server to read the same IP no matter where the user is connecting from.


              By the way, as I mentioned, I was able to navigate and visualize correctly one of my views using the view url with the trusted ticket (for example: https://tableau.myhost.com/trusted/2zsuyPglCX6RgLx81g_ORihn/views/MyDashboardAuthTest/MyTestDashboard), however when I try to embed that in my portal with javascript api (viz = new tableauSoftware.Viz(vizDiv,vizURL,options)), I get "Unexpected Error - TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'client.get_applicationPresModel().workbookPresModel')" and "Forbidden Action - You are not authorized to perform this action".  I will do some research about this and if can't find anything I will log a separate question.



              Thanks again for your reply!





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                Vien Hua

                Hi Mauro,


                Good to hear you figured it out!


                As for your new issue, try this one: Resolving "...communicating with the server (403)" Error | Tableau Software


                I know it's not completely related but I would bet it'll resolve the error message you're seeing



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                  Mauro Trentini

                  Hi Vien,


                  Wow you are quick ;-)


                  I actually just managed to resolve the new issue as well. The problem was that I was passing an extra parameter in the "options" array that is not supported by the api. I removed that extra parameter, and now I can correctly visualize my tableau dashboard embedded in my portal. So I'm quite happy about this :-) 



                  Now i just need to solve the "IP" matter I mentioned in my earlier post, I'm trying to get tableau server to read the IP of my portal so I can add that to the trusted IPs and that should cover all.


                  Thanks again.




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                    Chetana Samal

                    I am exactly having the same issue right now! I have added my ip to trusted following the exact instruction. No matter what I do, it's returning -1. Please tell me where and how I can decipher the log file or a solution to this. Thanks!