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    Can't link on groups anymore?

    Clare Bayley

      I recently upgraded Tableau Desktop from 8.0.0 to 8.0.4, and now I'm having problems linking on groups.


      Here's the situation:


      I have sales data from 3 data sources, with inconsistent spellings and capitalization in the product names. In my reports I correct this with groups, then link them all together via the groups. This used to work perfectly.


      Now when I click the chain to link them together, the workbook just greys out as if there were an invalid measure or something.


      I've replicated this in the Superstore/Coffee Chain data, see attached. These are the modifications I made to the sources:

      - I pulled the Superstore product hierarchy apart

      - Each source has a group called "Testing Group" with identically named items

      - 'Date' in Coffee Chain has been renamed 'Ship Date'


      To replicate what I'm seeing, just open the twbx and click the chain next to "Testing Group" in the Coffee Chain db. The graph suddenly becomes invalid. (note: If you instead drag Testing Group onto Color or Detail, it works fine)


      Do other people see a similar result? If you try it, please report back with your findings and what version of Desktop you used. Thank you!