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    Problem with Relationships between Zip Codes

    KaraLea Follmer

      Hello Wonderful Tableau Forum,


      I am struggling to create a relationship between the zip codes of two seperate data sets. Only some of the zip codes are in common with both of the data sets (so an inner join is exactly what I don't want). I am combining the two data sets to layer them on a map with a dual axis, one with an area by zip marker, the top map with a circular marker. When I go to create a Custom relationship, selecting the zip in the primary source makes the option to select zip in the secondary source disapear.


      Some other notes:

      • both zips map fine when working with each dataset seperately
      • There are no other common fields within the data sets other than zip code
      • I don't think geocoding will work, nor have I been successful with it, because I want to be able to filter other dimensions counts by zip code


      Thank you for your feedback. I do not have a sample workbook to post at this time of this problem. Consider the following:


      Data A Columns = PopulationCount, Yes/No and Zip

      Data B Colomns = Zip Color Name


      I want the bottom layer to be an area map with coloring by density and filterable by Yes/No

      I want the top layer to be a point, colored in a specific way and with the location Name in a layer of detail.