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    Percentage calculation based on date filter

    Sylvia Lawrence

      I have a database with minutes of service outage against all impacted days(missing dates mean, service outage was 0 minutes on that particular day). Each outage is categorized as either "Total Outage" and "Partial Outage" depending on its severity. Is there a way to calculate the percentage of each outage type for each month?


      I have a screenshot attached with sample data for September. Besides, I want the "show missing values" option to show all the dates in September (not only those that are in between the earliest and latest dates). I then want to calculate the percentage of "Total Outage" and percentage of "Partial Outage" for the selected period. Say, for example, I have selected the last 4 weeks in the screenshot, the percentage calculation should show all the dates from September 1 all the way to the current date and calculate the percentage based on that.

      So the answer in this case should be:

      Current date: September 22, 2013

      Start date: September 1, 2013 (since date filter is last 4 weeks)

      Number of minutes since Sept 1: 1440 * 22  = 31680

      Percentage of Partial Outage: (807/31680)*100 = 2.5%

      Percentage of Total Outage: (25/31680)*100 = 0.08%


      It would be perfect if I could represent this % as a pie chart.


      Any help would be appreciated.