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          Shawn Wallwork

          Jayanth, sorry to say you are going to have to do an extract of your data if you want any of us to open your workbook. Or you could just post a username and password for your server! [Just joking! Please don't do that.] And you don't have to extract everything, just a bit.





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            Joshua Milligan



            Even though you posted a packaged workbook (.twbx), it still had a live connection.  Unless you extract the data, none of us can open it.


            I have attached a sample workbook that demonstrates one possible way of binning time into 30 minute increments.  It uses this calculation:



                IF DATEPART('minute', [Date]) >= 30 THEN 30

                ELSE 0


            DATETRUNC('hour', [Date]))

            which truncate the time to the nearest hour and then adds 30 minutes if it is past the 30 minute mark of the hour.


            Using it as a continuous Exact Date allows me to see the gaps in time (right click the field on Columns and select "Exact Date").





            Event Logs.twbx.png