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    Dashboard Filter

    Neal Smoller

      i'm attaching a dummy dashboard.  We want to see what were the biggest contributors to our success on each day.


      i plot daily sales for 7 days.  in my actual data it's the last 7 days, but could be any consecutive 7 days like the example.


      next to the bar chart i have a cross tab with details for that day - individual sales sorted by the most expensive.


      So, I click on a day on the chart, and all the invoices for that day are shown.


      Two issues:

      1.  when the dashboard loads, i'd like the crosstab to be filtered based on the 7 days depicted in the chart.

      2.  i'd like a user to be able to enter a number in a parameter box that would filter the cross tab and show everything above that number.  Right now there are only sliders etc.  i'd like them to be able to just say $50 or higher.