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    How do I calculate a weighted, multi-part, running average for modeling complex projections?

    Jonathan Wilkendorf

      Is it possible to do something in Tableau similar to what I did in Excel on the attached workbook?  Instead of having E-avg come from Excel data, I would like to calculate it like the following Excel formula, where column B (from Excel) is measure E (in Tableau).


      In my attached workbook, I manually added data to the Excel sheet for "E Projection" set at -1.5% Projection Rate so you can see what I am shooting for in the “Projections (E-Excel C-Tableau)” sheet of my Tableau workbook.  I want to calculate E-avg dynamically in “C Projection (Tableau)” so that the Projection Rate parameter will control both measures accordingly.  (I'm sure there also might be a simpler formula for getting the weighted running average I'm looking for, but this formula comes close to calculation I need.)