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    how to display always N weeks

    Eugene Shiman



      I started learning Tableau not so long ago. Now I faced with a problem of displaying only 12 weeks on the chart. I create a parameter "select start date" and "select end date", but it isn't comfortable always to count the concrete date to display especially 12 weeks. I would like to choose one date from which the desired number of weeks will be automatically calculated.

      I tried to use "datediff" and "dateadd ('week', -12, (sales_data))", but In this cases the last week (12-th) always was changed when choosing "select end day" ,for example, in the middle of the current week. I need a complete sum for 7 days of the last week.


      Attached is my example where I have used "Sample - Superstore Subset"

      Moreover I have to compare 2 period 2013 vs 2012.

      Thanks for your help,