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    Five-Week Total Gets Changed After Extract Refresh (I think)


      I set up a worksheet to display the data for the last five weeks,with the most recent week to the left, a column for five-week total on the right, and grand totals at the bottom. Publish to the server. View on server, I see my five weeks. The data source is set to refresh every day at the same time. I'll look at the server after a couple days, and the five-week display is broken - it'll display as two months, or sometimes as only four weeks. If I open the workbook, it shows the same broken symptom, and no amount of fiddling seems to make the five-week display come back.


      This is becoming a severe issue, as the running five-week totals are a core metric for my organization, and if Tableau cannot provide it consistently, we'll have to dump it.


      Anybody seen this? If you have, I hope you have a solution.