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    Field names on 4th row - OLAP Pivot Table

    Chris Fountain

      Hi Everyone,


      This is driving me nuts =)


      I pull data directly from an analysis server to an excel pivot table and can arrange the information to be tableau friendly. Unfortunately, it has to be filtered (via pivot table).


      So, the Pivot Table automatically has a space in row 1, the filter row on row two, and a space on row 3 before the FIELD NAMES row.


      When I try and drag the data into tableau, it gives me the option of yes, the fields are on row one, or no, make your own filters. It looks like this:


      [blank row]

      [filter button]

      [blank row]

      [Field 1][field2][field3][field4][field5]

      data      data    data   data    data


      So, how to ask tableau nicely to use the headers in row 4 instead of row 1? I can't find a way to move the Pivot Table Filter row (and if I remove it, then I don't get the data I need.


      I could just cut and paste to a new tab, but doing that means I have to cut and paste everyday that I want to update the data. I need to preserve it so I can just open my exel, click refresh, then it will update all the data fed into excel.


      Any ideas?