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    MSAS and Tableau server

    dinesh s



      I have recently started working with tableau server 8.Later developing my dashboards in tableau desktop,i have tried to publish it in the server.It works with my relational data source,SQL SERVER but does'nt worked with my cube(MS analysis services) instead showed me an error: An error occurred when publishing the workbook.Unknown data source class :msolap. Response code :500.

      Then, referring this article, "Response code: 500, Tableau Server encountered an unknown error" Error | Tableau Software

      i found,connection has to edited with username and password option.

      I have given the same username and password which i have used to create my cube in MSAS , connection is getting succeeded in MSAS and also in my database but fails in Tableau.

      I have tried with the same username and password option , with my Microsoft SQL Server as a data source its getting connected but when i connect through Microsoft Analysis services, showing invalid username and password.

      What would the problem ? please anyone help me in this.