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    How to simply print a specific worksheet on a dashboard?

    John Munoz

      Hello Tableau lovers!


      I have a dashboard published on Tableau Server with 3 panels. I want to set something up so that a user can press a button and have one panel of the dashboard printed with the following settings:


      Orientation: Landscape

      Scaling: At most 1 page wide

      Sheets to export: A specific one, don't want user to have to pick


      It currently takes my users 6 semi-non-intuitive clicks just to get to pdf. From there it's another 2 to 3 clicks to print. So, all told, 9 clicks to print a sheet. Needless to say, despite all the goodies they're getting from this dashboard, they are not at all impressed with what's involved in printing.


      I would love to set up a 'Print the good stuff' button on the report that would simplify printing down to 2-3 clicks at most.