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    COUNTD() row average byd day


      I have a series of transactions that I would like to summarize by manager, counting distinct employees and totaling transaction counts by day. Then I would like to total the row, say weekly total. The employee count may vary by day. The Grand Total for the COUNTD([EMPLOYEE]) is simply the distinct employee count for the entire population. How can I average each day's headcount?


      In sheet1 is the baseline example with the Grand Total Distinct Count of Employee showing 5. This should be 4.4.


      In sheet 2 I have calculated the average headcount using calculated field WINDOW_AVG(COUNTD([Employee] )) computed using TRANSACTION_DAY. But this is in the pane, not the total. And how do I use it in the total calculation for work per employee?


      The goal is to show a total of 4.4 headcount, 74 units of work, and 3.37 work units per headcount per day.