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    How to toggle sheets on a dashboard

    Robert Courage

      I've got 5 sheets worth of tables but I only want to dispaly two of them on my Dashboard.  One of the sheets will be static and will always be there.  However I want to be able to toggle among the other four sheets based on a Filter or an Action(where I click on the static sheet).  Is there a way I can have the second tile(or sheet) on the dashboard toggle between the remaining sheets I've created?

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          Matt Lutton

          No, not as a built in functionality.  You may wanna check out using a parameter as a sheet selector instead:


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            If all you want to do is to show one of the others at a time, then create a parameter with the values 1 through 4 (like [choose sheet].  Use an alias to align each value with a particular sheet.  On each sheet, have a calculated field included as a filter condition that evaluates the parameter to the respective sheet.  e.g. fltr_sheet1 would have the calculation [choose sheet] = 1 for one of the sheets.  Do the same for the other sheets.  After adding the filter condition to each sheet, select only the true value (you likely will need to cycle through all the parameter options to show the true for each sheet).  Now, when the parameter is chosen for a particular sheet, there is data on that sheet, otherwise it is a blank sheet.  Add all the sheets to the dashboard, but within a horizontal or vertical layout container.  By doing this, the container will automatically resize the chosen sheet to fill the container and reduce the size of the sheets with no value to nothing.