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    Extract Refreshing but Workbook does not on the Tableau Server

    Chandra Shekhar Jain



      I am using a MySql Data Source for my dashboards.

      I have published the My Sql Data Source which updates every weekday morning at 4AM. 

      I am using the Tableau Tableau Server Data Source created out of the above as a source for another set of dashboards.


      The new set of Dashboards use an extract of the Tableau Server Data Source in the Tableau Desktop.

      I published these Dashboards on Tableau Server.


      The MySql Data is refreshing (I have checked the Background process and also downloaded the Downloaded the Mysql Datasource from Tableau server) New data is being added.


      However my published Dashboards do not reflect the updated data. The Data still reflects the extract it was published with from the Desktop.


      I have been trying for a few days to solve this issue but have not been successful.

      Any Ideas as to where I am going wrong ?




      ps. I am facing the same issue when I am publishing a workbook with MySql Data Source. the Data source is updating but the workbook still has data from the extract  it was published along with.