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    How to get an average count of child records?

    Jeff McDonald



      I have 2 tables, one is a list of appointments made for real estate listings. The other is the phone calls related to each appointment. So if an appointment is made for 123 Main St. it will have at least one phone call, that being a call to the sales rep alerting them to the scheduled appointment. But there could be unlimited calls (usually no more than 3 or 4) where we leave voicemails, or have to escalate to the sales rep's superior to close out the call.


      In the appointments table we have a Company field, that being the company who owns the house the appointment is being made on. I'd like to get a basic table type report that shows a list of the companies and the average number of times we have to make a call on appointments per company.


      So like this:


      CompanyAvg No. Calls

      Company A


      Company B3
      Company C3.4


      I've figured out how to see how many calls per individual showing, but not the average count per company. I'm sure there is something out there I can look at to nudge me in the right direction, but I just can't find the right search!


      Any help would be much appreciated!





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          Matt Lutton

          If "Company" is a field in the data source, you should be able to place it on the Rows shelf, and place Avg([No. Calls]) on the Rows or Text shelf, and you should get the view you want.  If that does not help, if you can post a packaged workbook (.TWBX) or screenshots, someone can help you arrive at the result you are looking for.  I'm not sure if your tables are joined, or what your data source looks like, and that will impact the approach you take.